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This step will allow you to access all the information available on our property options. It’s totally free and it takes a few seconds … to receive updates on properties @ the speed of the blockchain.

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To start investing with you must to validate your investor identity by opening an exchange account of digital currencies, we recommend COINBASE. It’s really quick and simple!

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Investment in are not for an indistinct audience, it’s exclusive and you will need to own an OTP One Time Password (issued as a 16-character alphanumeric COUPON that can only be used once) that will certify that you have knowledge the performance and risk of the option and you can start to invest in Ethereum from the equivalent of € 50.

Invest in different types of Property Option (Moneyware)

Choose from the different types of opportunities to diversify your investments. All investments on are made through SMART CONTRACT Ethereum ERC-20 with returns based on rents and future sale of the property.

  1. In your private area you can follow the evolution of your investments and you are updated on different opportunities.
  2. You just choosing, the blockchain will do the rest.