Why Join now?

Access the world of real estate for free! View all the real estate projects in progress, you can also invest starting from a counter-value of 50 €! Here you can decide to diversify your investments, thanks to the reduction of the typical entry barriers of real estate investments; we guarantee transparency and simplicity to your investment. Remember that investing involves the risk of losing your capital! Choose the real estate project you like best, read the clearly visible documents on the project page, and decide the amount you want to invest. Thanks to Hype.estate you can stay constantly updated on the progress of the project and on its construction, like a real entrepreneur.


Hype.estate is a crowdfunding platform?

With the English word crowdfunding means collective funding (crowd = crowd and funding = funding). This formula applied to the Real Estate sector is growing in the Anglo-Saxon countries exponentially, giving the opportunity to invest in projects or buy goods standing in front of their computer. So no more investments for privileged niches of people, but an enormous number of users can seize the opportunity to become lenders or owners. Unlike all other Real Estate crowdfunding platforms currently in existence, Hype.estate is not a crowdfunding platform as well as being the first to operate on the Italian territory with BLOCKCHAIN technology, it offers a business model based on the Property Option (Moneyware) ©, with the issue of a SMART CONTRACT (Smart Contract) in ETHERUM ERC-20 digital currency.


What is Property Option (Moneyware)?

When a lender wants to invest in a certain project, or an investor decides to buy an asset or a share of it, through Hype.estate can manifest what we have called Property Option (Moneyware) ©. That is, through the compilation of strictly confidential forms and covered by the Right to Privacy, the registered user expresses his interest by indicating the percentage he intends to book. Everything is NOT ABSOLUTELY BINDING. Since there are no contracts or subscriptions of any kind, the user is free to renounce and have his / her Property Option (Moneyware) © removed at any time, without charge or penalty.


Hype.estate is an authorized platform?

Hype.estate is a “hybrid crowdfunding” platform that does not collect money, implemented by HYPE srls, an Italian company registered in the business register of the Benevento CCIA in the Start-Up Innovative section. Hype.estate not receiving money and not using funds collected for their own purposes is entitled to operate. CONSOB itself, believes that our innovative business model does not fall within the scope of the Prospectus and is therefore not subject to their supervision.


A new business formula?

Hype.estate has created the innovative business model that offers investors the opportunity to book a possible financing of a real estate project or the purchase of an asset. The sum requested by the project’s proponent will be divided into SQI Square Inch shares and placed in round on the platform. It is understood that a user can show his Property Option (Moneyware) © even with multiple shares of the SQI.


What implications does the Hype.estate account have?

To invest in the opportunities offered by Hype.estate, all transactions will be regulated by the blockchain technology that has its strong point of being unassailable and that does not require intermediary bodies. In this way, to guarantee your security, your investment orders, receipts and payments will always be traceable and regulated by smart contracts.


Who is the recipient of the loan?

It is the “promoter”, ie a real estate company that submits a real estate project to Hype.estate, typically the purchase and / or rental of a property and possibly its restructuring. The purpose of the project is to make the property (rent) income and / or sell it. Hupe.estate carefully evaluates both the “promoter” considering its economic and patrimonial solidity, and the reliability, that the project, validating, with its team of real estate experts, the potential of income. The capital needed to complete the operation will be financed by investors who lend their capital. The loan is governed by a contract that establishes the rights of investors and determines that the revenues are paid on the Hype.estate accounts of the respective investors. Maximum investment limits In compliance with EU and national legislation on the prospectus (EU Regulation 2017/1129), on this platform no offering company can request investments of more than € 5 million for consecutive periods of 12 months. In some countries there are maximum investment limits for some types of investors, which are applied automatically by the platform. For more information contact customer service.


What performance can I receive?

Every opportunity offers different returns. The project fact sheets clearly indicate the estimated yield that you can get.


How do I receive my returns?

Depending on the type of opportunity you have invested in, your returns will be credited to your Ethereum account from the Hype.estate platform.


When are the returns credited to me?

All returns accrued on opportunities are credited between the 1st and 5th day of each month.


What are the main risks in which I can incur?

The investments in the opportunities published on Hype.estate are not exempt from risk, being able to produce, at worst, the total loss of value. Despite this, there is an immobilized asset at the base of the investment, which makes the total loss of the investment more difficult.


How does Hype.estate work to reduce risk?

First of all, all the active projects have been carefully analyzed by our team of experts in the real estate market to assess their real potential. Moreover, the “promoters”, that is the real estate companies that propose the projects to be financed, are subjected to an accurate due diligence. In the event that, for any reason, the profitability of the investment is threatened, (eg tenants do not pay the rent, the property suffers damages, the area depreciates unexpectedly …), Hype.estate intervenes directly agreement with the promoter to recompose the problem and, in a final analysis, works to sell the property while minimizing the depreciation of the investment.


How does Hype.estate earn?

In addition to an initial contribution for the activation of the application and the loading of the project, the fee for the service provided by the platform is 3% on the amount that REALLY and not VIRTUALLY the proponents will receive from investors at the end of the round. No percentage will be due to Hype.estate if the proponent does not receive capital.


Do you collect the capital of the assets for sale?

No, our platform NOT receive funds (capital), expresses only the option of Building (Moneyware) © that its users have experienced.


Do you receive money from funded projects?

No, Hype.estate does not collect funds (money), the shares shown represent only Property Option (Moneyware) ©, or the intention to invest in that specific project by registered users.


Who guarantees the value of the good or a project?

Hype.estate employs highly qualified professionals working for decades on their respective markets. They are the ones to estimate the projects and the real estate based on actual values and market prices.


Who guarantees the success of the operation?

Hype.estate is not an investment company or a financial promoter, but an innovative strategic consulting agency specialized in communication and NPL real estate, which allows you to showcase real estate projects through its platform. If there is a sufficient number of users who have expressed their interest by booking the Options of a certain project, they will be called to meet the proposer to decide together how to proceed with guarantees and payments.


Why only selected people can join every single project?

Hype.estate and the partner companies of the platform have created their innovative “business” model, where only a few subjects selected according to the principles of appropriateness and appropriateness of investments (required by law) will be able to support a single project through events of Option d ‘Immobile (Moneyware) ©, divided into SQI Square Inch shares of the amount requested by the proponents of the project.


An investor can option more SQI Square Inch?

Yes of course. A user can express the interest of a certain project with a percentage that goes from SQI with a value starting from € 50 up to 100%. The only restriction is given by the number of investors, which can not be greater than 100% of the loan requested per round.


How is the lender / buyer user protected?

Given that the projects and goods are placed on the platform only after having carefully selected and evaluated, Hype.estate as advisor agency favors the meeting between the user and the project’s proponent once the round is over (which generally lasts 3 months). From the point of view of privacy, the user is guaranteed anonymity. Only the administration of Hype.estate has knowledge of the sensitive data of those who have completed the registration forms for the platform, as well as those who have expressed the Property Option (Moneyware) ©. Last but not least, all transactions carried out within the Hype.estate platform comply with the Italian laws on user protection and scrupulously observe the principles of seriousness and correctness.


Why should a business or an owner apply to Hype.estate?

The Hype.estate platform belongs to HYPE srls, a company incorporated under Italian law with registered office in Benevento, through its authoritative partners and esteemed real estate consultants, it will evaluate the feasibility of each operation, in order to create advantageous opportunities both for the proposer and for possible investors.