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HYPE.ESTATE is a Value-Chain platform for real estate investments based on Smart-Contract technology supported by Blockchain Etherum ERC-20 architecture.

HYPE.ESTATE is authorized to carry out peer-to-peer lending (or crowdlending or lending based crowdunding / LBC) activities through the company SUNPOWER srl, as dealer of EMONEY P.L.C. (, a payment institution authorized by the MFSA in Malta in 2013 with an extended license throughout the European Community according to the LBC regulations.

The platform, the companies listed and the Payment Institute, apply the necessary Risk Procedures together with the AML-CTF (anti-money landering and counter-terrorism financing), KYC (Know Your Customer) and PEP Status Verification (Politically Exposed person).

HYPE.ESTATE is a participatory financing platform in Blockchain Etherum ERC-20 architecture.

The publication of offers to Italian users of participatory loans will take place through direct loans to the requesting companies or intermediaries other than HYPE srls. In compliance with EU and national legislation on the prospectus (EU Regulation 2017/1129), on this platform no offering company can request investments of more than € 5 million for consecutive periods of 12 months.

In some countries there are maximum investment limits for some types of investors, which are applied automatically by the platform. For more information contact customer service.

HYPE.ESTATE does not offer financial advice and none of the activities proposed must be considered as such.

The analyzes shown in these pages are general information and do not in any way constitute specific advice. The projects illustrated are not subject to the supervision of the Bank of Italy or any other national or foreign regulatory body. The transactions presented are forecasts only and as such, they may be subject to change. There is a risk of total or partial loss of capital invested, the risk of not receiving the expected return and the risk of illiquidity in recovering your investment. The invested capital is not guaranteed by the investor guarantee fund or the deposit guarantee fund.